Upgrade firmware failed-Sierra Aircards 881u


at least, this is my first story after such long time…. it just because my one and the last thing i have to connect to the internet was suffered an injury. A broken updated firmware, and that happen just coz of own stupidity..( LOL ). Here it goes the stories……

Once upon a time, in a far far away kingdom, in the cool and freezin night,,there was a stupid boy called pradanang ( it’s me of course -LOL ). With all of his bravery and stupidity, he try to make firmware update of his one and only 881u HSDPA modem. Then he begin with the update, without thinking the risk, just upgrade,upgrade,upgrade and upgrade… Then something happen, in the upgrading software was written “the modem cannot be found, downloading firmware aborted” and the stupid boy screamin “NOOOOOOO…….”.

desperatly he try to reconnect the modem, using the 3G watcher..and there was writen no device detected, and that boy screamin again… “STUPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID……”. That boy dont have any hope to life again ( life in the internet of course-LOL ). He call the modem seller, Mr Junaidi
to get a solution. Calling his friend also, using google to find the answer. two days without sleep comin for nothin. until mr, Junaidi gave a link and the boy harsly try it..

Ola, and its work! the modem was working again..It’s alive!!!!!! Thanks to mr Junaidi, what a great aftersales service. Now my modem was great and i can start blogging again..

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  1. mmmm..namanya upgrade firmware pasti cuman 2 kemungkinan kan? Berhasil (yg kemungkinan hasil upgrade dan sebelumnya tdak bgtu ngasi perbedaan yg berarti) dan gagal alias harus beli baru…

    kemaren si pake windows, soalnya dapet semacam tools/software buat upgradenya, yg penting sich pokoknya diusahain jangan sampai berhenti di tngah jalan upgradenya…

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