PHP Framework

many web programmer has already know what a framework is. so a guess this article maybe dont really important because it maybe a little to basic. but person who beginning their web programming, like me, i hope this article gonna help.

ok,lets start with framework. a framework,from wiki is a basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues ( wow whats that??? :D), from my opinion, framework is a collection of chunk codes, that we can reuse to make an application. ( waa makes me more dizzier with that ). let me try to use some example..mmmm and the sample maybe we can use..mmm..let me think…mmmm ( keep thinking …)

mmm..what about make a blackforest chocolate cake..(mmm..yummy)


if we only gonna make one single cake, maybe our mom can handle it easily. just like if we wanna make a static hompage, maybe you (not me ) could make it easily alone. but when i t comes to a lot of cakes, maybe our mom can still handle it, but thats gonna be need a lot of time, so maybe mom can split the tasks for making the cake. maybe mom handle the ingredient, father handle the mixer, brother handle the baking, sister handle the topping, and you the eating part (hehehe..). like we make some complex web application, a blog maybe. we need a function to handle login, the posts, etc.

i guess my example dont make any sense, but i hope you get the point. so i can say that a framework, is a collection of a function that can help us make more timeless and efficient apps. maybe its different with a library, library is a specific function that we can integrated in an apps, but a framework is more to create a whole application.

hufh..i think thats make it more confusing and complicated…i hope with my next posts this framework things will be more easy to understand.

next we will discuss about some php framework…

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