Easy to Understand PHP framework called CodeIgniter

Yes yes yes, easy to understand php framework. But thats according to me.. 😀 (im sorry, this post using Indonesian) gampang dimengerti..bukan berarti gampang lho…. CodeIgnitermerupakan framework aplikasi web based open source yang membantumu membuat program2 PHP yang menendang pantat keren Coba bahas pelan pelan ah.. yup, its open source, sumber terbuka, emm kalo gak […]

Upgrade firmware failed-Sierra Aircards 881u

yes… at least, this is my first story after such long time…. it just because my one and the last thing i have to connect to the internet was suffered an injury. A broken updated firmware, and that happen just coz of own stupidity..( LOL ). Here it goes the stories…… Once upon a time, […]